Water Triptych: Rain, Stream and Wave

Water Triptych: Rain, Stream and Wave


Hi. I’m a composer and pianist living in South East London. I call this three part instrument a ‘Water Triptych’: Rain, Stream and Wave.

1. Rain
This sample instrument includes two samples of rain: the first, the gentle but articulate patter of rain on a window; the second, an exhilarating downpour on the iron roof of a South London train station captured on my phone. The mod wheel transitions between these two extremes of intensity, and optionally controls ‘colour’.

2. Stream
The River Quaggy is a tributary of The Ravensbourne, which in turn feeds the Thames. Where I live the Quaggy is small stream, which nourishes not just the plants and wildlife in the surrounding water meadows, but also the mind of any passerby who hears its gentle trickle.
The sample was recorded with the stereo mic on a ZoomH5. The mod wheel controls intensity and optionally ‘colour’.

3. Wave
Last summer, some friends and I escaped to Mundesley — a quiet coastal village in North Norfolk with miles of beach tapering off into the calm North Sea. As we musicians and sound collectors are wont to do, I took out my recorder (an old ZoomQ2) and recorded the waves. During the Covid lockdown, us city-dwellers have been isolated from what Irish philosopher John O’Donohue calls the natural home of our body: outdoor landscape and nature. Immersing myself in the sounds from that Norfolk holiday has brought a little tranquility to an otherwise anxious time.
The mod wheel controls the intensity of the sound, and optionally ‘colour’ and ‘splash’. All sounds come from the single raw recording included in this download.

Alexander Edward


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Three instruments created from nature: rain, stream, and wave!

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