Tura Lura Lura Music Box

Tura Lura Lura Music Box


I sampled this Music Box many years ago. It’s a bit lo fi but I still quite love it and wanted to share it with this community in case anyone else might be interested in using it.

It’s not a piano, but I did send an email to Christian asking if I could still upload it and his response seemed affirmative. This is not a sample instrument. It’s merely the WAV files of each separate note of the approximately 2 octave range of the music box.

Feel free to make your own sample instruments with these samples. When manipulated I believe the possibilities of some of these samples could lend themselves to some really beautiful creations.


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Raw samples of a music box to be used in creating beautiful sample instruments.


  1. Raw Samples
  2. SFZ (by Jeff Sepeta)
  3. Kontakt ("Dreambox" by Reece McMillin)
  4. Kontakt (by Conner Sawchuk)


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