Toy Piano Ensemble

Toy Piano Ensemble


Toy Piano Ensemble

A collection of 3 toy pianos, played simultaneously by humans

Two velocities – loud and louder. No release triggers included.

This was fun – we took our three toy pianos together, recorded them in unision.

You’ll hear a nice stereo spread and this is a joy to play.

Sampled, edited and Kontakt’ed by:

Ted Kocher, Anthony Caruso, Scott Bergstrom, Nick Mastroianni, Chris Rossetti and Tao-Ping Chen on March 26, 2019.


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May 12, 2021

Very interesting! im deffff using this, thank you!



5.0 rating
April 8, 2021

My only complaint is non-sound related.
On the decent sampler version the samples are not recognized because the folder the sampler is looking has a capital S. Sounds a little silly, but it was fixed by simply capitalizing the S in the Samples folder.
The sound is very reminiscent of wind chimes.

Eli M


A toy piano ensemble performed loud… and louder!

5.0 rating
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