Tongue Drum

Tongue Drum


My wife just gave me this tongue drum for Valentine’s Day, something I’ve wanted ever since I knew they existed, and the thing I really wanted, a Hang Drum is way out of my budget. There are three instruments contained in this folder. The 1st is just the drum played as it normally would be, with rubber mallets. I added an additional layer with me dampening the extra notes for slightly more attack and clarity. The second is the drum played with sticks for a more percussive sound (play with the mod wheel, it controls the HP cutoff). Lastly, I made a pad out of it by time stretching the original sample, adding delay, and then layering it with a reverse version and also a time stretched sample of some toy bells; again, play with the mod wheel for HP filter cutoff. I think the resulting sound is really nice. I hope you enjoy.


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Tongue Drum is nice

4.0 rating
January 29, 2021

A nice mellow sound, I like the standard instrument but I turned off the one shot to get control over the sustain and because some samples have a bit of noise on the tail. Thanks for sharing it.


Doesn't work on Windows

3.0 rating
October 11, 2020

Hi Kris,
We can’t use your library because some of its files and folders contain a character that is illegal under windows: “:” aka colon.
Please change them to another character such as “-” or simply remove them.
Bell:Tongue Drum Pad G3.aif under Pad
W: Sticks subfolder.
Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to rename the characters under Windows.


No brainer

5.0 rating
September 24, 2020

Just listen to the demos. So pretty. Can’t wait to use it.



A tongue drum sampled in three different varieties.

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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