After being unable to find solo Timpani within my first purchased sample library in 2017, Albion One, I decided to sample and create my own basic Timpani Library. This was my first EXS24 sample library and so it ain’t pretty, but it does the job! There are two patches: Hits (split into 3 velocity sensitive dynamic layers) and Rolls (crossfading between 2 dynamic layers). At this point I hadn’t quite worked out the looping feature of EXS however the roll samples are reasonably lengthy. This served as a mainstay in my sample library arsenal for 2 years before finally purchasing a professional percussion library.


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May 17, 2021

You need to get these if you want to add huge atmospheres to your song. Great for cinematic and classical compositions, but works as well for modern and upbeat genres if used correctly!

Isaak Moagi

Great Quality Samples!

5.0 rating
April 22, 2020

I’m SO grateful for these wonderful timp samples, this was a much needed addition to my sample collection…..
Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Andrew Hazzard


Timpani hits and rolls.

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