Thrumming Textures: Acoustic Guitar

Thrumming Textures: Acoustic Guitar


In a series of new submissions called Thrumming Textures, beginning here, I present my Cort acoustic guitar. I have had this instrument for about 8 years and have never managed to play it properly. Despite that, I regularly record it, often playing just one voice at a time to form a larger textural pad under my arrangements.

This library is a diatonically sampled, single-dynamic-layer instrument, close-miked using a single AKG C451 B. I sampled each note twice to add stereo width; using my finger on one side and plectrum on the other. I used some EQ and compression to glue it together and added a subtle delay up an octave to give it a bright edge.

A special thanks to Matt Mahan for putting together a Kontakt version!

I hope you find this library to be useful!


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Texture created from a Cort acoustic guitar close-miked using a single AKG C451 B.

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