The Meyer Choir

The Meyer Choir


A perfectly imperfect sample instrument featuring the voices of my family. We take family photos every year in an attempt to capture the moment, so why not create a lasting memory of our voices? Each voice was recorded through a U47 clone.


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5.0 rating
March 7, 2021

I have goosebumps working with that choir as it sounds so intimate.
So beautiful.
Thank you for that


More flexible than flubber!

5.0 rating
January 24, 2021

Thank you so much Jon, for this inspiring little piece of magic. If was luck or foresight I know not but the range of emotion possible with the 10 total sources to mix is nothing short of brilliant! Much more usable than some massive libraries I’ve wrestled with. Amazing work as always sir. Just finished using it in an entry for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. Mixed with Micah’s Choir it worked exactly as I hoped. Thanks Again.

Kolbi Davies

So natural

5.0 rating
November 2, 2020

I downloaded this some time back and only just got round to p-laying it. So different, so organic and so natural.

steve wilson


5.0 rating
October 23, 2020

Love this, so nice to get the layers of a choir but intimately recorded and full of small variations. Really looking forward to using this in a project.

William Morris


A lasting musical memory taken with a U47 clone.

5.0 rating
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