The Knife

The Knife


The Knife

A long time ago, I was really bored while eating my lunch. So, as normal people do, I started hitting my wrist bone with a knife. It made a tuning fork-like sound.
I finally decided to make an instrument out of that knife. So here we are.
I have zero experience in sampling and recording(I recorded it with an iPhone), but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the result sounded.

In the Kontakt(V6 I’m afraid) version you can create a mix between a dry, an amp and a distorted signal. Additionally there’s a reverb knob and I highly recommend using it. There’s also a lowpass filter knob, which ends up primarily controlling the harshness of the “hammers”/attack.

The amp signal creates an almost organ like sound.
And the distorted… well a distorted sound.

I also created a EXS24 version, which has its root key at A1 (not A3 as the Kontakt version) and sounds completely different, so is worth a try to listen to as well.

Unfortunately it doesn’t feature all those fancy effects and they have to be added manually in your DAW.

Unfortunately #2 I don’t have that iZotope software for noise-reducing the samples. Once I do, I will update the sample. Or maybe I will get some help with that from someone in the community.(There are even birds in the recording, but they somehow created a nice ambience)

Have fun!

(I used the new Kontakt template made by Angus Roberts-Carey, so thank you a lot, Angus, for creating that. It really helped me creating this instrument quite fast, but at the same time allowed me, a very beginner in sampling, to create an instrument with effects and UI.)


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A knife recorded with an iPhone, and transformed!

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