The Jazzman

The Jazzman


I had an old crumar jazzman in 2003/4 – a very poor mans transistor Rhodes type piano, my Jazzman was broken, I didn’t know how to fix it so I sold it for spares…. before I did that I sampled it, or at least I sampled the notes that were working! This year, I built this Kontakt instrument & then thought I’d add some processed layers so you get the Jazzman in all its glory, a shimmer, fuzz, moog trem and oscillating delay. I also added a time stretched ‘long’ and sub bass, because who doesn’t love sub bass?

I don’t have a picture of it that i own or have permission to use, so I drew it!

Many thanks, James


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An impressive range of sounds

4.0 rating
April 6, 2021

I particularly enjoyed using the processed layer James has called ‘Up’, which proved ideal for a scintillating/glistening melody line, but I also made use of the ‘Jazzman’ patch, Warp, Tannhauser, Long and Cheap Shimmer on the demo I recorded, exclusively using the Jazzman instrument. I don’t know about the sub bass – somehow I didn’t stumble on that patch – but I already had more than enough variation for one project, and plenty of potential left over to encourage me to return to this one in the future. Thank you, James.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


An old Crumar Jazzman, in disrepair, sampled for prosperity

4.0 rating
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