The Felted Baldwin

The Felted Baldwin


Untuned, Tortured, Forgotten, for over two decades this piano laid dormant in my basement. With it’s age, it has gained a warmth that would make any winter night feel cozy. I wanted my first sample instrument to be important to me, so I chose the piano i grew up with. Id have to say its about 40 years old. Last week I decided to give felting a go with an old dog blanket, I think it make the sound much less harsh then before.


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Great Old 'Bar Piano'

5.0 rating
December 3, 2020

This has just the right sound for doing an atmospheric Bar scene set in a speakeasy or a New Orleans House of ill repute 🙂

Gerry Ohara


An Untuned, Tortured, Forgotten piano gets a new life in sample form

5.0 rating
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