The ‘Cool’ Piano

The ‘Cool’ Piano


There’s no word I hate more when describing the arts as “cool”, it implies “fashion” and for me fashion is a cynical way of exploiting the zeitgeist in order to persuade us to buy things we already own repeatedly. However if taken out of the context of “trying to be cool” or “trying to be fashionable” I think cool is to create something inspiring from the unexpected or indeed ill advised. So with this in mind I took my claustrophobic piano and gave it a signal path that is ill advised and unexpected for a piano sample with the intention of breaking the signal up to enhance its sense of unexpected beauty. Did it work? Well it would be bloody cool if you thought so!


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Trop cool !

4.0 rating
June 5, 2021

Un gros fan de “Trent Reznor” ? “Atticus Ross” ? Pas besoin d’en dire plus, je télécharge ça de suite ! Surtout avec les petites Strymon dans le signal. Merci !

Flex Blur


The Claustrophobic Piano processed through pedals and tapes

4.0 rating
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