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TF Lead


Telefunken (TF) Lead

If you are at interested in historic and mind-blowing outboard gear you might be familiar with Hainbach’s YouTube channel. He recently shared a sample audio of a Telefunken RA742. I won’t try to describe what this awesome piece of gear is, because I will definitely get it wrong, but needless to say, it’s sound was quite bizarre and inspiring.

That sample of course led me to create a sample instrument. Little did I know I would end up creating four. This is the first of them, what I called the TF Lead.

It’s crunchy, punchy and at moments too feisty, but you can do a lot with it! TF Lead includes three sound sources control by some tailor-made knobs, based on the original Telefunken RA742 design, as well as a sequencer to really take these sounds for a spin.


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Deceptive variety, multiple applications, oddly inspiring

4.0 rating
February 15, 2021

Since the pianobook community understandably listens to demos to hear what an instrument sounds like (rather than to hear how well the creator has composed and arranged her piece), I thought it might be helpful to provide a description of what’s going on in my demo for TF Lead, ‘Hollow Jibber-Jabber’, which is primarily a vehicle for three distinct TF lead sounds. It’s just seven tracks in total, of which two are copies of the TF lead with different delays (16th and eighth-note respectively) and different panning. The ‘lead’ synth that enters just before the two-minute mark is Anders Wall’s ‘lofiAudio – C-90ir’ and the pad that enters at 1:12 is a combination of Francesco Silvestri’s Drenched Strings & Murky Orchestra from ‘WLP – Whole Lotta Pads’. To get a sequenced ARP feel on the chord pattern that fades in from the beginning and continues throughout the track, I used Ableton’s Arpeggiator on its Converge setting and I also used the Ableton Arpeggiator on the bass sound that enters at 16 seconds, but playing only single notes. I used Plugin Alliance’s bx_subfilter to further beef-up this bass sound and also NUGEN Audio’s Monofilter4 bass management. And that’s about it. All of the reverb is Native Instrument’s Raum, my favourite reverb, on its default, ‘init’ setting. I find it makes everything sound better, no tweaking required – although for this demo I used it only on the pad sounds and lead. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use this sound when I opened Kontakt but after only a few seconds’ noodling I came up with a couple of chords I felt sounded interesting and that pole-vaulted me into a creative mindset. Thank you, Alejandro, for your oddly inspiring instrument.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


A crunchy, punchy (and at moments too feisty) Telefunken RA742

4.0 rating
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