String ODDsemble

String ODDsemble


I created a string library from bowing a bunch of misfit instruments that I have. I used an old baritone Uke, a beat up Elitone archtop guitar from the early 40’s, a Dan Electro Longhorn Bass, a Mountain Dulcimer, an old 1950’s Czech Upright Bass and a Gamelan Gong from Bali (not shown in pic!) I created a huge multi in Kontakt, then loaded individual notes back in to Pro Tools and treated with some filtering, verb etc and mapped it out. I also created a reversed version. You can start with the Multi I created that has both panned hard for a cool stereo spread.


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Cool instrument!!

5.0 rating
June 21, 2020

I missed this one but glad it was featured as a favorite. Sounds like a rustic, beat up string section!

Tony Silva


An impressive collection of instruments grouped together to create bowed string sounds.

5.0 rating
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