Space Voices

Space Voices


One night, my 22 year old stepson came to me, as he wanted to show something. Little did I know I was about to experience something extraordinary! He happily and eagerly described what I was about to experience, and, after finishing his description, he started humming and whistling at the same time, I was astonished! His sound had a Tuvan/Mongolian, Norse throat singing quality to it, and it did not take long for me to think that I would love to make a sample library out of that.
Next weekend, I recorded him doing a few different versions and takes of his “hum whistling” vocal technique, using my trusty Shure SM58. I de-noised the samples and applied a few effects, like Crystallizer, Little Alter Boy, and Little Plate.
The end result is such that it will propel you a few light years away from our planet!


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Humming and whistling that will propel you a few light years away from our planet

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