Soundscape Guitar

Soundscape Guitar


Soundscape Guitar is exactly what it sounds like – a simple and unique guitar-based soundscape, with dynamic, playable control via a single controller.  Choose from 8 different reverb models, connect your favorite knob/slider, and enjoy.
** Sampleso is a boutique samples library, producer of FLOPPYTRON and SYNTHOPHONE.


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5.0 rating
April 17, 2021

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for! And the GUI is stunning!


Simple & Great

4.0 rating
April 17, 2021

Love the way this one is simple, nice GUI & greatly playable (and nice dynamics too!).
Perfect sound to apply with various effects, great tool !
(if a volume control with bend was possible, i would give 5 stars immediately 😉


Beatufilly simple

5.0 rating
March 29, 2021

I absolutely love how clean the guitar is with very simple and beautiful sounding environments.

Michael Levin

Truly inspiring

4.0 rating
March 24, 2021

Peter Lapahin says pretty much everything that needs to be said about this beauty in his review, but here goes anyway. The first strains of Soundscape Guitar emanating from my MIDI keyboard instantly evoked memories of one of my favourite bands: the late, lamented Maccabees. I must have been channelling them as I was making my demo – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Feel to follow! One thing I don’t quite understand, from Adi’s brief description, however, is the significance of Sampleso – did these samples originate from a commercial library…? Perhaps Adi would be kind enough to clarify this at some point. In the meantime, commendations on a truly inspiring instrument.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)

Amazingly "realistic" guitar sound

5.0 rating
March 21, 2021

This Pianobook instrument is my new favourite. The 8 presets are so perfect that you don’t even have to make changes, the sounds are ready to use. It is hard to explain but it feels like somebody is playing guitar next to me in the room when I hit the keys… Also, while the name suggests that this instrument is mostly for soundscapes, the samples are absolutely usable for melody lines too if you need an “unplugged” (undistorted) but reverby guitar sound. Very much recommended, a professional work!

Peter Lepahin


A simple and unique guitar-based soundscape

4.6 rating
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
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