Sounds from the Kitchen Vol 2: Drinking Glass

Sounds from the Kitchen Vol 2: Drinking Glass


I was visiting my family in Rome, Italy, over Christmas 2019, and I decided to sample one of the drinking glasses my mum has in her kitchen, with the idea of turning it into something unconventional, for a glass, at least!
I recorded myself hitting the glass with my fingernail into my trusty H1n and obtained 3 different samples: piano, mezzoforte, and forte. I imported the samples in ProTools, normalised and time-stretched them. I applied a good amount of plate reverb to them, as well. This processing is what made the Glass Bells.

For the Glassy Evolutions, I grabbed the forte sample, created a copy of it that I reversed, and then combined the original and reversed samples together. I applied the Crystallizer from SoundToys to create the “evolutions”, and again some plate reverb.


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Interesting Sounds with many possibilities

5.0 rating
April 7, 2020

A great instrument! I love the bells and evolutions together, they create amazing soundscapes together. With the in-built gate the evolutions can sound a bit like the organ of Interstellar 😀
I don’t know much about Kontakt, so for me the release of the gate is a bit quick and I don’t know how to fix this, but that’s probably because of me – and the sound definitely makes this small thing up! Thank you Marco for creating this fantastic instrument! 🙂



Glass Bells made from a drinking glass

5.0 rating
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