Sonva Upright

Sonva Upright


As with Sonva Piano, this Upright version was recorded at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts located at Falmouth University, Cornwall. The samples in this patch originated from a Yamaha U3s, and was this time recorded in the more dry, compositional and live room recording environment.

For this sample pack, there are two stereo audio files for each sample. The first being the close U87’s which offer an intimate detail, whilst the ambient mics were a pair of Schoeps MK4s- capturing the soft reflections of the space.

The four parameters allow you to adjust and mix the volume between the close and ambient mics, as well as the close and ambient release triggers.

Thanks to Jake Hougham and Benjamin Thorne for assisting in the studio, and Aaron Newberry, once again, for noise reduction.


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Yamaha U3 Sampled with various adjustable mic positions.

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