Soft Drums

Soft Drums


I like drums. Drums are loud.

I recorded these soft drum samples for when I want the sound of traditional drums but need them to fit alongside and underneath quiet music. The kit is a 1960’s Ludwig covered with blankets and hit with Promark Broomsticks, resulting in a brushy vibe with muted drum tones. Great for adding percussive subdivisions that take up a small amount sonic real estate.


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really useful

5.0 rating
July 21, 2021

These are great and I’m using them all the time.

Trefor Jones

Am i dreaming?

5.0 rating
May 1, 2021

These drums are so good that I’d actually like to pay for them.
However, I wish there was a feature for changing MIDI mapping. I wish I could just drag and drop MIDI from Superior Drummer and it could work out of the box.
The sampling quality is as good as it gets.

Mehul Pandit


5.0 rating
April 10, 2021

it s absolutely amazing! congratulations john!!


Sounds Magical

5.0 rating
April 5, 2021


Willie S Green


5.0 rating
March 31, 2021

An awesome sound in general, i really like the feel of the softness, texture and organicality of it, simply amazing!
It would be awesome a Decent Sampler version!



1960’s Ludwig kit covered with blankets and hit with broomstick brushes.

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 17 reviews)
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