Silentium Glaciei

Silentium Glaciei


Dear Pianobook community,

My name is Luis Schmidt. I’m 16 years old and from Germany. I’m originally a trumpet player, but I got into conducting and composing (mainly orchestral works) some years ago, wanting to study music in the UK. Whilst we are all stuck at home due to lockdown, I thought about doing a sample project for Pianobook.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any great mic at home because they are all stored in my studio, which is located in another city. So, all the samples were recorded using an iPhone 12 – I know: not the greatest mic…

A collection of icy, calm, and pleasant sounds, ‘Silentium Glaciei’ (SG) has been created by sampling my flugelhorn, a water glass, and a violin, manipulated beyond recognition. The library consists of three articulations á three Round Robins and three Dynamic Layers morphed into pad instruments. SG, which is Latin and means ‘silence of the ice’, should recreate exactly this sound – soft, cold feeling, and almost motionless. This is the perfect addition to your sound-palette. Perfect for Scandinavian-type music – simply add these pads to achieve a more rounded and emotive effect.

Please see the walkthrough video for more details!

By the way: This is the first sample instrument I have ever created so please take my sincerest apology in advance for any problems that may occur.

I hope you’ll enjoy this library!
Luis Schmidt

## Release Notes:
– v 1.0: Initial release


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Very,very nice

5.0 rating
April 3, 2021

Very , very nice and inspiring.
Thank you Luis, i wait for the next one

Zeno Zen


A flugelhorn, a water glass, and a violin, manipulated beyond recognition

5.0 rating
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