Ships’ Horns

Ships’ Horns


Trawling through the immense and wondrous site that is (a bit like Pianobook but for sound effects), I came across these wonderful sound effects of ships’ horns.

The first, lower and bassier set, recorded on the River Derwent in Tasmania, are by user digifishmusic. They say:

“Sounds of a ships fog-horn at close range (about 200 meters). This is part of a 3 recording set. The ship made the same sound three times as it came up a harbour. This recording was made at night. Temperature 5 degrees C. The horn reverberates off the surrounding hills. RECORDING CHAIN: Rode NT1-A stereo pair, spaced array (70 cm), – Sound Devices MixPre > Edirol R44 @ 24 bit WAV.”

The second, higher set, is by user hoersturz. They say:

“Foghorn of the big ferry “Color Fantasy”, recorded on a foggy day from stern. The ship is leaving Oslo through the Oslofjorden on its journey to Kiel. Another ship is crossing and honking its foghorn, already close.
Recorded with Telinga Pro 8 Stereo Dat (without dish) on Zoom H2n.”

Packaging them into this instrument sounds like a mixture of brass ensemble, organ, and, well, Ships’ Horns.


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