Saunakantele (Old detuned zither)

Saunakantele (Old detuned zither)


While rummaging through my grandfathers old instrument collection, I picked up this over 100 years old kantele. It has been laying around collecting dust and getting detuned for decades.

The instrument is a kantele, sometimes called the Finnish Zither for foreigners. It is a really old folk instrument in Finland and has also roots in the viking era.

One stroke of the strings created a beautiful yet eerie sound and I realized I must sample this somehow.

I picked the instrument and carried it to the closest quiet place I could find…a sauna of course. I set up my zoom there and started sampling.

The instrument is rather detuned and produces a very uneven sound (as you can hear in the instrument). I thought its still a pretty sound and I have no skill in tuning it.
I hope these sounds will someday be useful to someone.


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A very old and very out of tune zither sampled in a sauna!

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