Sansula Matrix

Sansula Matrix


I sampled this Hokema Sansula (kalimba) but besides a traditional sample instrument, I wanted a more textural, aleatoric Kontakt instrument.
I “scanned” the samples, randomly forward or backwards with different starting points, in a fixed tempo (whole until sixteenth note), using a self-developed Max-for-Live instrument in Ableton. See the video linked below.
The obtained loops are arranged in a matrix in the GUI (note regions versus note lengths) and the loops adapt to the DAW tempo. The matrix can be randomized using the randomize button or keyswitch (red). In this way different notes have different rhythm. Identic rhythm can be selected using the buttons at the bottom of the matrix or keyswitches (yellow). You can also change the matrix by clicking on the individual matrix buttons. See the video for a better impression.
The traditional sampled Sansula (three velocity ranges) is also included as a separate instrument.
Developed in Kontakt 6
Development and demo:


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A textural, aleatoric instrument created from a Hokema Sansula

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