Sam’s Drawers

Sam’s Drawers


It’s hard to remember now, but I think it started with a pair of plastic egg shakers I bought from the fishbowl they were in at the front counter of a local music store. I started developing a great love for tiny percussion instruments, musical toys, and fun noise makers which would allow me to “move some air” and get away from using samples. It is therefore rather ironic that I sampled almost every instrument in the top five drawers of the Ikea MALM dresser which houses my collection.

Over the years, the collection has grown to include cowbells, shakers, rattles, whistles, blown instruments, a few ethnic percussion items, a couple of toy xylophones, toy noisemakers, desk bells, and even a plastic bottle. I didn’t sample every last thing in the drawers. However, this collection contains samples of 87 instruments. Creating it was a fairly massive undertaking. Which allows me to say what I’ve been dying to say for a few weeks now… you want to see what’s in my drawers, don’t you?


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A massive collection of small percussion instruments.

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