Rusty Gates

Rusty Gates.jpg


This has to be one of the most extraordinary experiences of my sampling career so far and showed me the power of an enthusiastic community like pianobook. The story is told in the two videos below but the crux of it was that I recorded a rusty gate squeaking in the Inner Hebrides certain that it was going to make a great sample. It didn’t, because it was a rusty gate. So I somewhat flippantly launched a competition to see who could make it sound halfway decent whilst not really giving consideration to enthusiasm of this community.

What followed was a tsunami of gate samples, and accompanying videos. Wetransfer links were timing out of me, dropbox links were getting lost, who made this sample? Who is in this film?

I received 8GB of rusty gate samples around 400 different presets which I had to adjudicate down to 5, so I spent a week giving myself ear tetanus listening to literally hundreds of oxidised squeaks.

But it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it sounds as the sounds were spectacular including many people who had never sampled anything before. The only struggle I had was to select the finalists.

As they amount to 8GB I was unable to create a pack with them all in, so have linked below the five finalists and the best of the rest.

It was then over to the pianobook community to poll in their favourite so we could get a winner and two runners up, check out the videos to the left to see how it all panned out.

I have tried to re-source as many of the videos as possible so you can see how these and many more sounds were created by such enthusiastic and talented individuals. Please click through to their youtube channels like and subscribe in thanks for the time they have taken to show us their trade secrets.

I want to extend a personal thanks to everyone who took part, I’ll be certain to make sure its better organised next time!!!

Much love.

Christian x