Romantic Guitar Harmonics

Romantic Guitar Harmonics


Hello Christian,

This small 19th century viennese Enzensperger guitar had been sitting on an old chair at my grandad’s house for ages. It had a set of steel strings on, whose excessive tension over the years ended up tearing the bridge off the soundboard.
Feeling sorry for its broken and grubby shape, last summer I endeavored to restore the guitar to a playable state. So I glued the bridge back on, gave the soundboard a fresh lacquering, and finally mounted a set of soft “nylgut” strings, which emulate the timbre and feel of gut strings.

I sampled artificial harmonics across the entire range of the fretboard, in three dynamic layers, using a pair of Rode NT5s. They sound slightly nasal and opaque, with the forte layer having a very snappy quality (like a sustained Bartok pizzicato). I did my best to reduce the noise without degrading the timbre, but I could only count on Audacity for that (I included a noise sample if anyone wants to have a go).

This is my very first experiment at creating a “proper” sampled instrument, so I hope it will be both playable and enjoyable!




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Thank you!

5.0 rating
May 26, 2021

I loved it. It sure feels good for adding nostalgia and tension to scores.

Jasmine Jardim


Artificial harmonics on a 19th century Viennese Enzensperger guitar. Sampled in three dynamic layers, using a pair of Rode NT5s.

5.0 rating
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