Hidden in the depths of the ‘OnOffScrape’ samples that I submitted previously, were some sounds that were reminiscent of riffling through a pack of cards. A nice pleasant sound, that evokes after-dinner cards, a roaring fire, convivial atmosphere and all that.

Unfortunately, that isn’t how this project turned out. Something very, very nasty got into my Decent Sampler, and what I ended up with was something out of your worst nightmares, or a monster from a sci-fi film, or deepest darkest anime. RiffleOne is my first attempt at peeking out from behind the settee with a ‘Sound Effects’ instrument. You play these sounds in a darkened room at your own risk!

Volume 1 is percussive. Volume 2 is slower. Volume 3 is slowest and darkest. Mix to taste. It goes without saying that reverb is de rigeur for this type of sound, but I’m betting that someone will try using them dry and close up in binaural with with a dummy head!


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Something out of your worst nightmares

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