In the summer of 2018, I spent the day at my local church sampling the Pipe Organ. With hundreds of audio files to edit, I didn’t have the time or energy to make the instrument into viable commercial product. However, with the help and encouragement from the Pianobook community, I found the drive over December to make this Organ a reality.

The sample pack is a condensed version of the original recordings, but still includes 338 audio files (0.94GB). Each of the nine organ stops have been recorded individually and have their own assigned fader. This means that instead of just having a stop ‘on or off’, you can fade between each of the nine stops, to create your own unique balance.

Thanks to Aaron Newberry and Quetzal Marchiori for noise reduction. Additional thanks to Dave Hilowitz for his valuable advice.


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An intricately sampled pipe organ from a local church. Features nine different adjustable stops.

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  1. Kontakt
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