Remote Violin (nano)

Remote Violin (nano)


The world has been through a lot. Being unexpectedly confined for so long has been tough and all we can do is find some good and lightness through these weird times. I decided to experiment with the notion a remote recording by requesting the musician, an amazing violinist in this case, to record the samples for this instrument herself and using only her phone.

This string instrument is cozy, screechy and oddly intimate. It features four different sliders and two knobs, all CC assignable, that control the direct audio (recorded by a regular iPhone), two “interference” signals and a reverb created by a less than ideal reverb pedal!

Depending on where the Remote Violin nano will sit in your mix, the high end can be harsh at times, nothing that a low pass filter cannot fix. However, if you are after a more lo-fi feel, you can let the instrument’s natural top end shine through.


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A cozy, screechy and oddly intimate violin

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