R³ Electric Piano

R³ Electric Piano


R³ stands for “(a) Ridiculous (amount of) Round Robin”.
I recently made a few attempts to program an electric piano on the synthesizer, starting from the basic sine-through-a-volume-envelope structure.
Then I made a few variations while switching instruments and adding to each of them its unique treatment in the form of tape saturation, tremolo and autopan.
The results were 30 similar yet different electric pianos.
So, why not sampling all of them, create a group for each variation and load all the 30 groups inside Kontakt in Round Robin?
The result is surely inelegant, inconsistent and inefficient, up to the limit of usability.
But each time you press a key or hold a chord there’s something fascinating – at least to me – in its inner unpredictability.


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Round robin you way through 30 electric pianos

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