Pure 25

Pure 25


Pure 25 is a Hybrid instrument blending a felt Yamaha U3 upright piano and 2 optional virtual Juno-60 patches.
The middle section consists of 25 intimate pure felt piano keys, and in the upper and lower sections of the instrument, the piano smoothly and gradually blends with 2 different synthesizer patches created with a virtual Juno-60.
In this instrument, the middle section is pure and intimate, and the extremes get more spacey and extroverted.
Feel free to mute one or both of the synthesizer layers for a PURE felt experience! Also you can enjoy “Pure 25” with a Tape emulation! just press the “Tape” button and tweak the tape hiss, saturation and flutter to your taste!

After a year of experimentation with different types of felt, i found the perfect one with he perfect thickness that makes the U3 more intimate, yet preserves its harmonic richness. In the middle section of the piano, i muted 2 out of 3 strings for each note with a wool felt temperament strip. After that, i recorded the piano with a pair of Rode NT5 in ORTF with a Neumann TLM102 covering the middle section. 6 dynamic layers have been recorded as well as 4 round robins for key release noise and the pedal UP/DOWN noise.


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A felt Yamaha U3 upright piano blended with Juno-60 patches

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