Pont Pizz – Cello

Pont Pizz – Cello


This sample library is a little experiment – a proof of concept – I’m just looking for sounds to get out of my cello.

Pont pizz is using the ponticello method common in bowed playing and trying it out with pizzicato – it’s simply plucking right up next to the bridge. This gives a note that dies away much faster and is much thinner in tone than a normal finger pizzicato. There is also a bit of a thump present in the note attack.

The articulation sampled is not one you will usually find as it isn’t usually played. In fact you may find cellists very reluctant to pluck right up at the bridge both for fear of unseating the strings from the grooves they occupy in the bridge and because they might end up with sticky fingers if there is any rosin hanging about on the string.

For this library I sampled 6 velocity layers in a whole tone scale over 4 octaves using an AKG C414 mic through a Focusrite ISA Preamp. The library uses a scripted fake round robin.

Hope you enjoy using it!


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I love this more than words can express

5.0 rating
November 28, 2020

Not being an especially gifted musician, many of what I consider to be my better recordings are the result of fortuitous mistakes. The first demo I made with this instrument is a case in point. I was simply looking for a pianobook instrument that didn’t already have lots of demos posted; for obvious reasons, those tend to get more Soundcloud plays and I prefer my pieces to be heard. I wanted to throw a spotlight on this lovely cello and so accompanied it only with drums. Listening to the first demo posted, the rhythmic potential of the Pont Pizz – Cello was what first struck me, so I tried to capture as much of its dynamic range as possible. I’m not a media composer but I can imagine this instrument providing lots of unusual character and rhythmic impetus to a soundtrack or incidental piece. In the process I created something that’s almost Zappaesque – and if that seems immodest, it also has some Captain Beefheart qualities, I think. See what you can do with it. I guarantee it’ll kickstart your inspiration.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


A cello plucked right up next to the bridge

5.0 rating
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