It all started when Christian took a hideous sample of a bunch of bagpipes. I thought to myself, “now there is no way that is going to make a usable instrument” and then I went right down the rabbit hole trying to prove myself wrong. Along the way I designed and coded a pretty sweet little instrument I called Oblivion

I ran with the interface and added 100 of my favorite samples that I’ve collected over the years. It turned out pretty sweet I must say. Monolith is now my first commercial library release. While trying to figure out how in the world I was going to put together enough sample material for volume 2 during a pandemic I had an idea. What if I used all of this amazing sample content on Pianobook and gave it back to the community?  I spent a couple of months prepping samples and editing my code and what I ended up with was far better than I imagined.

Pianolith includes sample content for almost every Pianobook instrument currently available as well as over 300 presets. There are no round robins or the original scripting but that’s not what Pianolith is all about. A full walkthrough of the Monolith interface can be found at




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An incredible amalgamation of pianobook submissions all in Andrew Foust’s highly-customizable engine.

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