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Piano Day Synths


If you use analogue synths in your compositions, there are times you need to recall your custom patches when changes are required, or if you want to use your created sounds again. That is why I preserve the sounds I make by creating a sample library as needed. Another advantage, all your patches become polyphonic.

Piano Day Synths The Sound and Piano Day Synths Bonus were created using custom patches on Moog Voyager, Moog Model D, Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 and OB-6 played together. These libraries sample every 6th semitone in 3 velocity layers.

I realize with all of the in-the-box synth choices there are, there are a lot of sounds out there. Still the pure analogue signal path just sounds more musical to me.

Do let me know if you find these libraries useful and would like to see others created using pure analogue synthesis.

– Emil G.



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Good musical patches with deep sampling

5.0 rating
January 3, 2021

Excellent Emil! Some say you don’t need to sample more than entire octaves and 1 round robin from an analog synth, but if you use mainly synths and rarely need a sample from a synth you don’t have, why not sample it deeply? An analog synth has nuance that five samples stretched across the keyboard don’t capture even with a good filter.



A collection of custom synth patches on Moog Voyager, Moog Model D, Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 and OB-6. Recorded in three velocity layers.

5.0 rating
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