Peter’s Spieluhr

Peter’s Spieluhr


Dear Pianobook Community,

This is the Spieluhr of my daugher, sampled with an AKG C 3000 in my home studio. My first Kontakt instrument.
I used some noise which appeared while turning the small handle as relase samples, scripted some main controls and a made wallpaper of the Spieluhr with my daughter’s hands 😉
It has a nice tough, but maybe someone can noise reduce the samples since i have no Izotope RX7 and maybe even get a better mapping of the samples (key- and velocity-wise).

Best regards from Berlin,


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Missing WAV files?

3.0 rating
May 26, 2021

Hi Peter,
There seem to be 8 number of files missing,
“Kontakt Instrument – Spieluhr, Release, Mix (nnn).wav”
where nnn is 157 to 164.
Kindest regards Alex

Alex Saville


A Spieluhr sampled with an AKG C 3000.

3.0 rating
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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