“Perserverance” is science in the making. The latest sample library from Jo Ranger through Audio Artemis, “Perseverance” has been forged by the actual sounds of NASA’s newest rover by the same name, and the desolate Martian landscape. Combined with haunting, resonant trumpet noises, “Perseverance” is perfect for moments of unease, tension, and to give your score a wild futuristic feel.

This cut-down, free version for Pianobook features “CO2 95%” – a percussive instrument featuring deep booms, metallic twangs, and gritty textures that paint a hostile world.

The full version includes even more sounds and features, such as a sequencer and twin pads, and will be available for £4.99 from 13th August 2021 at


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A percussive instrument created from the sounds of NASA’s Perseverance rover

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