Percussion Palette

Percussion Palette


Here is a large collection of percussion instruments I have lying around. I recorded a lot of traditional drums from various parts of the world, often in a very untraditional way. I used snares on Djembes from Senegal, I ran an Udu from Morocco through an Eventide H3000, Talking drums with filters, shakers, kalimba (played on a snare drum) Frame drum, a Balinese Gong, a Bamboo Balafon and tons of random noise makers. I even sampled a dumpster that’s outside my house now. That may warrant its own instrument! Till then, get your groove on! 🙂


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Positive surprise

4.0 rating
January 3, 2021

Very good and mix-able sounds as always Joshua.
Some of these small mix bag percussion palette libraries come with many sounds but only few variations for a single instrument/sound. It’s why this was a positive surprise. The tabla-like sounds (that wet and bouncy tone) had enough variations to use in a track as real instrument.



5.0 rating
September 26, 2020



It's really very usefull and natural sounds! I just can say much thanks to you! You did a great job!

5.0 rating
May 18, 2020

I just found an amazing librarys of Joshua Meltzer. Sonic sound, amazing and unique instruments! Great job and big thanks to you!



A collection of percussion instruments played in unusual ways.

4.7 rating
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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