Parallel Inversions

Parallel Inversions


In a parallel universe to our own, something went wrong when organ drawbars were invented… And now an instrument from that universe has leached through into our own.

Parallel Inversions looks disarmingly familiar. There are strange ‘drawbars’ that look like they are based on the notes of the octave (which they are), a pure sine wave basic tone, comprehensive envelope control, and the mysterious A-K drawbars which do something with the tone. So the ‘drawbars’ actually do parallel notes, whilst a hidden feature does random inversions of notes and can’t be turned off.

The end result sounds like it definitely does not come from this universe.


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Very Cool

5.0 rating
September 9, 2021

This is pretty cool. I don’t understand what these are, but do enjoy the sounds. The instrument feels alive with sound swelling in my earphones, sometime one ear or the other. The pitchbend wheel + reverb can allow creating some spacey sounds and atmospheres. If you hear some clicking it seems tied to the Q control – but if you play slowly it won’t happen – only if you play several notes quickly. Leave the Q at 0 if that’s a problem, but higher Q seems to allow thicker tones. Fast movements of mod wheel (which is tied to tone control) can also cause clicking, so be gentle if used. 😉

Michael Milburn


Organ drawbars from a parallel universe

5.0 rating
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