Paper Music Box

Paper Music Box


Some might have seen or even dowloaded my amplified music boxes. I love both of these sample instruments, but unfortunately the music box I used for them makes it almost impossible to record more than a couple of notes. So I bought this paper music box in order to give me more control, and hopefully to get some more round robins.

However, that didn’t go to plan.. the flat above me recently got a new dog and had left him alone for the day. He barked and howled through every take apart from the first one, which was full of creaks from the music box.

I decided to make do with what I had, popped it into logic, noise reduced as best I could, and flicked through plug-ins to see how I could manipulate it. They sound great pitched down an octave too!


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Very Insipring

5.0 rating
November 28, 2020

I really like this thing, especially the clean and tape settings. The clean has quite a bit of reverb, which I do like but one small improvement would be making a dry version of this. I love the little rattle that happens sometimes with this library adds a lot of character. Had a great time with this so far, Thanks!

Lucas Wood


A paper music box manipulated through a range of plug-ins.

5.0 rating
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