Palm Muted Upright

Palm Muted Upright


A good while back, my band was recording in the studio, and I spent some off time toying around with a piano that sat there with its panels off, muting the strings with my hand as I was playing the keys. It produced this percussive, sort of dreamy sound that I developed a deep fascination for, which has been with me ever since.

The Pianobook project eventually got me inspired to go out and make a sample library of my own, so that I could have these sounds available on hand whenever I wanted them. I brought my laptop, my audio interface and a pair of large diaphragm microphones to my university’s music department and went through all the rehearsal rooms looking for a quiet place with a nice sounding Piano.

I settled for a room down in the basement section with minimal ventilation noise and with a really decent sounding Samick upright piano, where I spent the evening sampling it. Since the Pianobook project was largely what gave me the inspiration and knowledge to go through with this little project, I figured it was only appropriate to submit it to the project and share it with the community.

As I myself only have the means to create patches with the Ableton Sampler, an Ableton Instrument Rack is the only format in which I could provide an instrument patch for. Hopefully some kind souls eventually will have the time and means to provide ESX24 and Kontakt patches as well.

2019/04/21 – Update for version 2.0:

This version of the library also includes a Kontakt version of the instrument. Huge thanks to Clay LaHatte for providing this.


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Delicious presence; some unpleasant rattles though.

4.0 rating
October 9, 2020

Hey Bård
I’m starting to play with this one, and I already love it’s color, instant Dawn Of Midi pleasure 🙂
I noticed 2 issues though:
– the Midi-Filter M4L device is missing (tip: you should pack the preset to consolidate it with everything)
– some high velocity notes samples have a not-so-pleasant rattle. I did a quick test in RX, and it’s definitely fixable transparently (I might do it and let you know).
thanks for your hard work


Love this instrument BUT

5.0 rating
April 16, 2020

Love this instrument! I’m using it for a kind of gaffa-taped Brian Wilson Pet Sounds piano sound. HOWEVER some of the samples have some weird distortion/jitter/crackle on them? I’ve removed them, at least from the non-sustained sounds, so please let me know if I can supply them for you to try out.

Jeremy Warmsley


A Samick upright piano muted by hand.

4.5 rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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