Orchestral Guitar Swarm

Orchestral Guitar Swarm


Inspired by Spitfire’s Mandolin Swarms but being broke as it is appropriate for any true artist, I wanted to create my own little Swarm-like Instrument.Thus I began experimenting with some Guitar Trem Samples I recorded in my bedroom added some Stereo Delay, drenched them in a lush Fab-Filter Reverb, resulting in a first Prototype of what would become OGS. Being surprisingly pleased with the results of my first Kontakt experiment, I decided to expand on this idea and re-recorded the trems in three velocity layers, doubling each sample of my Hanika classical guitar, one panned left, the other right, and adding another guitar, my Epiphone Sheraton Archtop in the middle to provide some more low end weight.

The original version made use of some external plugins; however, I decided it would be a waste not to share this useful little instrument with the world, so I tried my best to recreate the sound within Kontakt.


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Guitars recorded in Spitfire’s “Swarms” style.

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