It all started when I was asked if I could make the sound of an electronic circuit switching on and off. I wrote an emulation in MaxForLive, published it to MaxForLive.com ( https://maxforlive.com/library/device/7074/onoff-emulation ) and wrote about it on my blog: ( https://blog.synthesizerwriter.com/2021/03/emulating-turning-circuit-on-and-off.html ). Inspired by Christian Henson’s pedal video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF6VKqpC-nA ) about using guitar pedals as a live performance tool, I sampled lots of pedal foot-switches and made the samples available as well. So anyone who wanted to, now had the raw material to emulate a circuit being powered up and down, complete with the iconic ‘classic’ sound of a footswitch… But some of those footswitch samples had strange and interesting artefacts in them, so I took my favourite and turned it into a virtual instrument as a way of learning Decent Sampler (Huge thanks to David Hilowitz, btw). And that’s what this is – a by-product of an implementation from a question via a video inspiration.

It isn’t obvious from the instructions as to how you submit in Decent Sampler format, so who knows what will happen next…


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Sampled pedal foot-switches turned it into a virtual instrument

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