Ominous Cold

Ominous Cold


When getting some ice from the ice bucket in my freezer I dropped some ice on the wire shelf. It made an interesting ring, so I had to try and see what kinds of sound I could coax from it by sampling it.

I only sampled hitting the tray. Then I put the samples into Kontakt to work with them, and applied ample effects to process the sound, then re-sampled every note via 88 key keyboard with the effects for use in the final Kontakt files. Funny enough, coming from the freezer, it resulted in a collection of ‘cold’ sounds.

It’s fair I suppose for some haunting type stuff, but it’s rather thick in the frequency spectrum, so eq accordingly.


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It's ominous, it's cold but also something else

4.0 rating
September 13, 2021

Clay LaHatte’s ‘Ominous Cold’ offers more than just frozen textures and icy winds blowing from the depths of a freezer’s shivering shelves. Although it’s contradictory, there’s an odd warmth to these sounds and it’s that paradox that makes them so appealing to me. I’d had a title and a vague idea for a track knocking around for months before ‘Ominous Cold’ sparked them into frostbitey life but it was the ‘ping’ sounds Clay included with his patches that added a whole new dimension to my project. I have lots of cold, wind-type noises in my library (including some great Spitfire Labs sounds) but these have that indefinable something… So I’ll stop trying to describe them and let you discover them for yourselves. Thanks, Clay.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


‘Cold’ sounds from a freezer ice tray

4.0 rating
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