Odin’s Box

Odin’s Box


3 instruments in one pack.

Underneath my studio is an electrical transformer.
This transformer receives an electrical supply from the council, which it then converts
into a usable phase for us at our farm.

To my excitement, I discovered that this transformer had an audible hum at 30cents below G.
It was immediately sampled with 2 microphones into a ZoomH6, and then manipulated in Cubase.

With this one sample, I created 3 instruments.

is a Synth Piano.
It is made from the noise-reduced sample of the original transformer hum. No other alteration has
been done to the sample. 1 sample; 1 velocity layer.
This instrument can be used as a short or long melodic instrument, or manipulated to behave like a pad.

Odin’s Box 2 is a Synth Organ.
Combining modulations and reverbs, I manipulated the original transformer sample to mimic a classic
church organ. This instrument can be used as an organ, a synth pad, or even a drone.

Odin’s Box 3 is a Synth Pad
I manufactured 2 different pads from the original sample, which differ in tone to each other.
These layers of pads can be used to create smooth and dreamlike backing pads, or ominous drones.

Each instrument features an “Attack” knob, “Release” knob, a “Low Pass Filter” knob, and a “Reverb” knob.

Built for the FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5.8
This plus all other instruments I release are available through my website, linked via my profile.
Have fun!!


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Never thought I'd say it but a power transformer's my new fave organ sound

4.0 rating
December 20, 2020

Well, this is extraordinary. I already have a few professional-quality organ sounds in the box – some of them paid for and by no means inexpensive – but this will be my go-to organ sound from now on. As with any great sound, it’s that indefinable quality that made it stand out from the rest, so don’t expect me to explain why I like it so much – you’ll need to hear it for yourself, experience for yourself how well it cuts through the mix and how seductively slinky it sounds. If there’s a more organ-like power transformer anywhere on planet Earth I want to hear it. And I haven’t even had a chance to test the other two patches yet… Watch this space.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds - The Vorticist)


4.0 rating
July 31, 2020

Amazing and quiet interesting to hear the way this synth came into existence. Sounds amazing. Would be perfect for smooth background textures. Thanks for the selfless and invaluable freebies.

Joshua Nirmal


Three synth instruments created from a transformer with an audible hum.

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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