Muted Yamaha C7

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Pete Calandra ( Twitter | Website )



I purchased this piano about 4 years ago. After decades of practicing on a Yamaha U3 upright ( which is a great piano for a NYC apartment because of the Una Corda pedal), I wanted to own a 7.5 foot instrument and also have it with the Disklavier system built in. Used DC7’s are rare and I saw one for sale on eBay. I noticed that it was for sale at a shop not far from NYC and that a classmate from High School was the manager there. So I went out and played it, loved it and purchased it. Fortunately, no one in my building complained about the noise while I lived there. The piano is from 2000 and it has an updated DCK 850 controller. The Disklavier is not perfect but it is useful. One thing is that this piano has an amazing bass register and when played softly, the midrange has an almost choir like sound. I sampled this piano at PP and MP levels using the Earthworks Piano Mic system with the lid closed.