Mi Casio Tu Casio

Mi Casio Tu Casio


I hope you don’t mind me using the familiar form of Tu, as I think we are all friends by now!

I got this Casio VL Tone for Christmas when I was a little kid. I loved recording melodies on it and then playing them at a much faster speed.It gave a glimpse of my midi “cheating” later in life. Anyways, I lined out of it and went in to an old Fender amp, so it had some extra air and life to it. I did all kinds of processing in the box. The “Casio Swells” and “Casio Flutter Pad” were more of a re-imagining. I combined and blended every VL tone instrument together, for a more larger, cinematic scope. The “Sub Casio” bass and “Casio VL Tone Beats” are more of a nod to the original lo-fi vibe. I included a multi combo of both pads called “1980 Pad”!


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5.0 rating
August 3, 2020




5.0 rating
June 2, 2020

I expected the raw sounds from this little toy keyboard I also owned when I was a child, but, oh surprise!, these pads and beats are amazing and very useful for cinematic compositions. You’ve made a great work, Joshua!

Xavier Serrano


A Casio VL Tone with a great history.

5.0 rating
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