Metal Saucer

Metal Saucer


I found this metal saucer at my parent’s house. I was captured by its long, resonant tone and did some experiments with it using an SM57 and a Zoom H2.

There are two “natural” instruments, one using a wooden spoon and one using a metal spoon as mallets (you can guess I’m no percussionist). With the luxury of having only one note to sample, I captured more dynamic layers (4 and 5) and round robins to make the sounds more realistic.

The timbre is quite impure, which gives it a slight “gamelan” feel. I think the sounds could work well for horror scores as well as ambient.

I also had loads of fun creating 3 pads using granular synthesis. Remember to slide that mod wheel!




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A deeply sampled tiny cymbal, struck with wood and metal spoons. Includes three sound-designed pads.

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