Max’s Bentley Upright

Max’s Bentley Upright


After responding to an advert in the local post office offering a free piano, Max McGuire had the joy of taking home this 1950s Bentley upright piano. Max invited Christian to come sample the piano and so they set about recording it using a pair of Coles and a pair of 414 microphones, sampling with three round robins, two dynamic layers and recording in major triads. The following video follows the process of sampling the piano:



As a Christmas gift, Christian published his version of piano, with post production steps detailed in the following video. The version from Christian, plus some community contributions are available to download on this page.





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Inspirational Piano for Improvising and Composing

5.0 rating
April 20, 2020

I am really enjoying this library and find it quite inspirational for improvising and writing new pieces of music – it has a really great character that is very evocative for the imagination. I have written a number of pieces now after noodling around with this piano.
My only small issue with it is that I find the bottom end to be a little muddy when you have something with an intricate bass part. Where this has been the case, I have found the best remedy to be layering up with another piano that has more definition in the bass and then adding it in using a LP filter with the cutoff between 100 and 200 Hz and a fairly shallow slope (12 or 18dB/Oct).

Stephen Caulfield


A 1950s Bentley upright piano. Sampled using 2x Coles and 2x 414 microphones. Three round robins. Two dynamic layers.

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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