Lyra Sextet Swarm

Lyra Sextet Swarm


The Lyra has to be my favourite synth of all time, why? Well because its bloody expensive and impossible to use. Ergo not many people use them…. AND because they’re ideal for sampling.

What I particularly like is getting the 8 oscillators to establish some kind of self cancelling unison. The only problem is in order to get that real multi oscillator swarm effect you’d ideally want to pan them….. and Lyras, well they’re mono. So I asked the lovely people at Soma Labs if they had any spare for us to borrow and lo and behold they sent 5!!!

So here is my Lyra Sextet 48 oscillator swarm. But keep an eye out on my channel and spitfire’s channels as I suspect this is not the last you’ve se! Enjoy! C x


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It's nuts! And I like it!

5.0 rating
September 7, 2021

Christian got together six delightfully dotty Lyra-8 synths and made beautiful, mad sounds with them. The samples are delightful, distinctive and extremely useful for using as they are or as the basis for further sound design. Great work, and thank you for sharing!

Bee Abney


A 48 oscillator swarm created from a sextet of Lyras

5.0 rating
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