Long Piano

Long Piano


Basically, I started learning about music production in the lockdown period. After hours of experimenting, I got myself a sampled instrument with real samples but with processed effects. It’s called Long Piano ’cause it has a long reverb tail. The Piano is soft-sounding. I drew inspiration from Christian Henson’s Felt Piano to create an effects rack that made the piano sound mellow and soft.


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My Total Compliments to the creator of LONG PIANO

5.0 rating
January 2, 2021

A Great Sound and Feeling. Thank so Much !

Angel Cabrera

Almost EP sounding processed piano - Kontakt available

4.0 rating
December 14, 2020

You can never have enough piano sounds.
This is a, heavily reverb processed, piano sound.
Definitely has its’ own sound and may not be suitable for general piano playing, but it has something….
I created a Kontakt version if that’s more convenient;

kurt klingklang

Sforzando user ? Edit the sfz in notepad to use.

4.0 rating
December 14, 2020

Sforzando requires the samples to be in a location that doesn’t exist but the sfz loads fine in Directwave and TX16Wx.
Until someone addresses this issue, you can correct this yourself.
Right click on the actual .sfz file and click on properties and copy the location.
Then right click again on the .sfz and open with Notepad.
“C:/Users/sanjeevi/Desktop/Samples/MULTI-PIANO” with the file location you just copied. Do this for all six samples listed in Notepad.
Save the text file and it should then load as a normal sfz.

bo din


A soft-sounding reverberant piano processed through effects

4.3 rating
4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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