Layers for Air Piano

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Raúl Yebra ( Twitter | Website )

The other day I got excited about the Air Piano and all the mics and possible perspectives, so I decided to combine its sounds with my Layers Engine.

This engine wasn't design for plucked/percussive instruments, but while playing with the different mics and mixes I thought it could be interesting to give it a try and see (and hear) what would happen if the Layers Engine were to pick every note mic/mix based on the speed, distance, dynamics... while performing some variations (a feature that makes "tempo aligned cyclical sound variations").

So, this is not a piano recorded by me, but I think it's an interesting addition to the Air Piano. Layers for Air Piano (LAP) contains two instruments based on the Air Piano samples, a layered piano and a layered pad made with the same sounds that is sometimes reminiscent of a korean string instrument.

To use Layers for Air Piano you'll need the original Air Piano samples:

The first time you open this two instruments Kontakt will ask you where the samples are located. Just point it to the Air Piano folder and save the instruments.

Check the included README.txt for instructions and more info.

Video demo: